Programme Saturday 6 July

14.00h - 16.00h :  On Camping

Hellbilly Hookerpunch (NL) 


genre: Outlaw Trailer Trash/outlaw Country! 


Whether it is Cash and Carters Jackson, or House of the Rising Sun from the Animals.

Hellbilly Hookerpunch invites you to belting it out with Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley, Dolly Parton, Hank(1&3), American traditionals and own songs. … but every song becomes…. VERHOOKERPUNCHED!!!


Bjorn Bolleboom ( Well known as Stumpy): Vocals/Rythm guitar

Femke Groeneveld (Well known as Black eyed beauty AKA Beb): Vocals

Lars Nebel (Well known as Dicky Rosewater): Lead Guitar

Dennis Klootwijk ( Well known as Darryl Ballville): Drums

Jan-Kees Groeneveld ( Well known as Yankee Doodle: Banjo

Jesse van der Heijden (Well known as Jizzy Buttstain): Double Bass


16.00h - 17.00h :

17.00h - 18.00h :



genre:  Rockabilly, Western Swing & Americana


Dynamic, Different, Unique.


Known for their world class musicianship and high energy performances.

Bamboozle seamlessly combine the vibe of the swinging 1950’s with the sound of today, in a way that mesmerises both retro loving and modern audiences.


The band combines internationally renowned singer/guitarist/songwriter Jim Knowler (The Keytones, Gotz Alsmann), 

injecting his exciting and instantly recognisable guitar riffs, with new face on the scene, 

singer/bassist/songwriter Serena Sykes, lighting up the stage with her dynamic performances.

Electric vocal and daring double bass stunts, backed by the slick, thrumming grooves of drummer/vocalist Les Curtis 

(Imelda May, Darrell Higham, Wanda Jackson).


18.00h - 18.30h :

18.30h - 19.30h :



genre: Hydromatic Rockabilly with a Swing..


From way down under at the South-West coast of the Netherlands..

4 guys familiar with rockabilly music .

Music from the early 40’s & 50's with their own style in which they highly succeeded , so all of you Cats and Kittens can enjoy the Hydromatic gigs , at Rocking' parties and festivals all over the country and abroad.

All mixed up comes with a Hydromatic Rockabilly style.

While also delivering stunning renditions of the original 50’s Rockabilly and Rock-n-Roll tunes with a rare passion that sets them apart from the rest. It’s all part of the bands program and a mixture of inspirations that creates their own Hydromatic sound.

This rockin’ formula makes sure to set your feet a-tappin’ and your hips a-shakin’.

"Making even the tamest people get a little bad"!

So if all what is written above has made you curious, leave the house instantly, jump right in your car and meet this 5-ó-Matic’s in the nearest place around to fully enjoy a long lasting dose of good ole Rockabilly with a Hydromatic Swing….


Tony – Lead vocals and lead guitar

Glenn – Saxophones , Guitar and backing vocals

Peter – Double Bass

Marcello – Drums and vocals


Toghether they make great music, a great show, but most important ; great fun!




19.30h - 20.00h :

20.00h - 21.00h :



Charles Anthony Graci born 14 mei 1936 in Sicily  


Charlie Gracie is one of a diminishing number of rock& roll innovators, who continues to actively perform.

A native of South Philadelphia, he became the first successful recording star of the "Rock Era" to emerge from that neighborhood. 

In 1957, Charlie's "Butterfly" topped the American and British music charts, selling over 3 million copies. 

His other late 50's big sellers include: "Fabulous", "Ninety-Nine Ways", "Wanderin Eyes", "I Love You So MuchIt Hurts" and "Cool Baby."

Charlie's star burned even brighter in Great Britain where he became the first solo American artist to bring rock & roll to the English concert stage. 


Precededonly by Bill Haley and the Comets, Charlie headlined London's Palladium and Hippodrome--receiving outstanding receptions from the press and public. 

To this day, Charlie Gracie, is a much loved and respected performer the length and breadth of the United Kingdom. 


While Charlie has earned a place in rock music history, this is only one dimension to a career that spans 60-years. His versatility makes him the consummate music man! Even now, Charlie enjoys a strong following at clubs and resorts along the Northeast Corridor of the U.S.  Twice, annually, he performs tolarge audiences in countries such as: England, Italy, France, Germany, Austria, Finland and Holland.  His superb guitar playing elicited the highest of praise from music legends like George Harrison.


He is an accomplished musician and an exceptional talent - a devoted family man whoconducts himself as a gentleman both on stage and off. He is a credit to his industry. And what's next for this Rockabilly Hall of Fame inducee?  Is he ready to retire after more than six decades in the business? Hardly. "I'm getting started on my next album and I'm in the process of writing a book!" 

Charlie Gracie has only just begun to rock!  Charlie was voted into Great Britain's "Rock & Roll Hall of Fame" (1998) created by "Now Dig This" Magazine.


21.00h - 21.30h :

21.30h - 22.30h :



Their music is a 'hard rockin'-truck drivin'-hold on to your beer' type of sound.

The 5 members to this Dutch masterpiece have all played in Rockin' bands across Europe since the mid 80's.(And left some impressions behind too.)

They’ve now combined to create a no holds barred, throw your beer in the air, lock up your daughters, Country Rockin', full throttle V8 dragrace show. Influences range from Elvis to Ronnie Dawson to Charlie Feathers to the Planet Rockers...and back again. Along with original penned songs,

wich will instantly give you an idea of why your ears were blown away.


Paul on drums, with a wild animal 'Ronnie Tutt' style. Hans on double bass, keeping a rhythmic drive (with vocals). Erwin's slick guitar style is synonymous to early European rockabilly  sounds of the 90s. Rogier's lead vocal needs no introduction, the biggest heart and fighter in the band now strumming rhythm guitar.


Rockin' Ramon, more power than 2 V8 engines. Lead vocal, lead/rhythm guitar. (Catch him if you can!) You'll go wild on their 'twin-tele-special' sound! Don’t think for one minute that these guys aren’t serious musicians.(They seem to disagree somehow!?!)  They play hard, party harder and when the alcohol is free they can drink their own body weight.


When not on stage these guys are a blast to hang out with, when on stage their sound is infectious.

You wanna party...go see another band!?!

You wanna party hard... (get drunk-chase chicks ánd throw beer)... You do NOT wanna miss 'the Reno Bros'!!!


22.30h - 23.00h :

23.00h - 0.00h :



0.00h - 01.45h :