Programme Camping

14h - 15h : 

The Two Giants Trio (IT)


The two giants trio is a young band all the way from Sicily

Luca Mazzola, Alberto Petrigno and Federico Chisesi are the members of this swingin’ trio: they’re all fond of old songs by Slim and Slam, Fats Waller and the Cats and the Fiddle - to mention some of their influences – and big fans of harmonized vocals and the raw energy of the early music that was precursor to the 1950s rock’n’roll.

 In 2019 they cut their first record “Shuffle it Right!”


Luca Mazzola - vocals, guitar

Federico Chisesi - vocals, drums

Alberto Petrigno - double bass, vocals


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15h30 - 16h30:



A young, four headed band originally formed in Bruges, Belgium.

They are known to deliver a mixture of 50’s rockabilly (Elvis, Chuck Berry, Gene Vincent, …) to Chicago Blues (Magic Sam, Buddy Guy, …). 


Fresh, rocking, swinging, hip-shaking.

That's The Uppercuts.


Vocals: Dylan Caestecker

Guitar: Lajos Tauber

Double bass: Guy Winne

Drums: Dirk Defauw


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