Programme Saturday 2 July 2022

Kustom Art show

11h - 12h:



Genre : Blues injected rock& roll with a bubblegum smile!


Beschrijving: A 5- piece band from Holland with an all American retro-sound that is drenched in gasoline and Whiskey a ‘feel-good’ vibe that breathes dusty roads, HotRods and heart broken billy gals!

12h30 - 13h30:



Genre: Outlaw Country


What started out as an online band due to covid quarentine regulations turned out as a real live band with friends playing good old country music and americana. It's all about having fun!!!

14h - 15h:


(Rockabilly, honky tonk from Italy)
"Don" Diego Geraci, after 20 years of continuous activity with the Adels,

where the various musical influences have become his style. Rockabilly, country, western swing, blues and rock and roll meet the typical "Italian taste" of the 43-years old guitarist from Sicily. The sound that comes out is a mix of classic rockabilly, sixties country and honky tonk, in one word“ameripolitan music. You will enjoy the sound of a tight and always danceable rhythm session, together with the virtuosity of the leader.


"Twang Kitchen" (Rydell Records, 2015) is his first solo album, followed by "Roadhouse Stomp" (2015) and "Hillbilly Session - Chapter # 1" (2016).
In October, 2017 the fourth album of the Don Diego Trio comes out. The title is "Greetings From Austin" (El Toro Records - Spain).

It’s recorded live in Austin, at the Ameripolitan Recording Studio, owned by Dale Watson.

The album is produced by a longtime friend of the guitarist, who now lives in the USA and plays in Dale Watson's band: Mr. Mario Monterosso. It features a lot of "Ameripolitan friendly" artists like Teri Joyce, Mike Maddux, Chris Casello and Ted Branson. The Don Diego Trio has been nominated three years in a row in the“Best Rockabilly Band” category for the Ameripolitan Music Awards. During their third USA tour they recorded their latest album “Rocking in Memphis” at the world famous Sun Records Studios.


Don Diego Geraci: guitar and voice

Luca Chiappara: double bass

Drums: Federico Chisesi

Marco Betti: drums


15h30 - 16h30:

The Mccurdy Brothers. (UK)


Country,Blues,Swampbilly on Homemade instruments.


What began as two Hillbilly buskers filling the markets of Norwich with crazy electric Swamp-billy has turned into a formidable rockabilly blues machine, sweeping through local Norwich venues with their own take on a ginormous blues sound.

Playing homemade instruments made out of junk they can find, scavenge or barter for and influenced by Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan, BB King and Muddy Waters, this unique duo will leave you rasping and screaming  




Jerry McCurdy: Vocals & Guitar

Adam McCurdy: Drums & vocals



12h - 13h: 

Dj Big H Jamboree (NL) 

15h - 16h: 

Dj Big H Jamboree (NL) 

13h - 14h: 


16h - 17h: 


14h - 15h: 

DJ Deano (UK)

17h - 18h :



The  band  started  up  in  1992  and  was  established  by Julian   Wiethoff   (vocals,   guitar),   Zlatko   Tudja (vocals,  guitar),  Andy  Tudja  (drums)  and  Torsten Leyhausen  (bass).  Their  first  performance  was  in Neuss, Germany, in 1993.It   is   regarded   as   the   first   internationally successful   so-called   Teddy-Boy/Revival-Rock'n'Roll-band to come from Germany. In 1995, only three years after  they  came  together,  they  had  their  first international  performances  in  England,  the  mother-country  of  the  Rock'n'Roll  revival  movement  of  the late 1970s and early 1980s. Notable at this time were their   gigs   at   the   Teddy-Boy-Weekender   in   Great Yarmouth and at the Blackpool-Rock’n’Roll-Weekender.Black  Raven  has  also  appeared  as  a  backing  group  to Graham  Fenton  of  Matchbox,  Sandy  Ford  of  the  Flying Saucers  and  to  Freddie  Fingers  Lee.In  2005,  Black Raven  were  invited  to  perform  at  the  Rock  am  Ring festival at the Nürburgring in Germany.

18h - 18h30 :

DJ Lady Lucky Lexy  (UK)



18h30 - 19h30 :


Deke Dickerson (Us)


Deke Dickerson is 50 years old and has been carrying the torch since he was 13, playing in his first rockabilly band in his hometown of Columbia, Missouri. After moving to Los Angeles at the age of 22, he carved out a niche for himself in Tinseltown. In addition to playing in his primary band, Deke Dickerson and the Ecco-Fonics, as well as several side projects, Dickerson has provided rootsy music for a slew of television shows and movie projects.


“This music isn’t a cartoon to me, or some weird retro thing to be laughed at,” states Dickerson. “This is the great music of the American 20th-century experience: rock and roll, rockabilly, western swing, rhythm and blues, surf music, garage, punk. It’s every bit as vital and important as jazz or classical; it just hasn’t gotten its due yet. There has to be somebody out there waving the flag for this music. Wherever I go, anywhere on the planet, people love this music, yet it’s kept out of the mainstream media simply because it’s considered ‘old.’”


Dickerson is well known as a historian of roots music and regularly contributes liner notes to reissue projects for such labels as Capitol, RCA, Bear Family, and Sundazed.


“The best part about doing what I do,” proclaims Dickerson, “is that I’ve always been able to do exactly what I wanted to do. People don’t realize that all these acts on major labels have a stylist telling them how to dress, or a guy in a boardroom telling them they should record a disco Christmas song. I’ve managed to call all the shots in my career, stay completely independent and creative, and carve a deep niche for the music that I love. 

Very few artists in the world can say that!” 

19h30 - 20h:



20h00 - 21h00:

Bobby Wilson  (USA)


Bobby Brooks Wilson,is the son of Legendary R&B/Soul Singer, Jackie Wilson. Bobby has the same amazing traits and talents of his father, that many say Jackie Wilson’s legacy lives on through him. His adoring fans have dubbed him as ‘Mr. Entertainment’ from his natural ability to entertain and bring crowds to life.  Bobby’s musical journey began after leaving the US Navy and residing in Honolulu, Hawaii. He was invited to join the world-famous Doo Wop Group “The Love Notes” by Papa Mars (Peter Hernandez Sr.) and son, Little Bruno was known as “The World’s Youngest Elvis Impersonator,” who is now Pop Star Bruno Mars. While Bobby was emerging as a talented entertainer, he came across many opportunities to recreate the persona of Jackie Wilson because of his uncanny resemblance, voice, and moves that were almost identical to Jackie. It was during this time in his career he learned where his musical skills originated; he really was Jackie Wilson’s biological son! Since that time, Bobby has emerged into a Global Entertainer with his own shows including: “Jackie Wilson, The Legacy Continues”, “Bobby Brooks Wilson, The Motown Years,” and his latest show “Bobby Brooks Wilson’s Red Tie Tour,” due to the success of his latest CD recorded by Plateau Music. Bobby has opened for his friend Bruno Mars and now stars in Clubs, Theaters, Casinos, and Cruise Ships around the world. His latest radio releases, “I Can’t Love You Anymore” and “I Get The Sweetest Feeling” are currently airing in the UK and soaring up the charts. Many watch with anticipation as Bobby Brooks Wilson’s success continues to soar through the “Grace of God”, he says as the singer, the entertainer, and the artist!

21h - 21h30:

Dj Big H Jamboree (NL) 

21h30 - 22h30:

The Long Tall Texans  (UK)


The first offerings from Brighton’s rockinest trio can be traced back to 1985 where three alarmingly fresh faced rockabillies recorded a few tracks with Boz Boorer of Polecats and later Morrissey fame at Northwood studios, the tracks recorded were…


Aw bollox to that it sounds like a bloody history lesson, that’s not what the Long Tall Texans are all about, they are a fun band that everyone who knows or knew them has a story about, always funny, such as the time when.. see there we go, but history lesson or not we should get a few facts going before dishing the dirt.

22h30 - 23h :


23h00 - 0h :

Twang Jam 

0h - 1h :